Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal data and it applies to the products and services of Baymard Institute, such as and any pages or subdomains hereof.

Last updated: Aug 17, 2023.

Newsletter One-Click Unsubscribe

If you actively sign up for our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the one-click "unsubscribe link" placed at the bottom of every e-mail or send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject "unsubscribe".

(We never auto-subscribe you to our newsletters if you purchase any of our products or service. You have to actively sign up for newsletters yourself.)

Collected Information

To deliver and improve the services of and our products and services, we collect the following information:

  • NOTE: When using Baymard Premium, we do NOT access any of your customer or business data, nor do Baymard access any of your IT systems. From a data access and PII perspective Baymard Premium is a database of research articles your employees can read. The PII we do collect is for those employees who themselves choose to get a user profile on your company account: those users need to submit their email and a self-chosen password.
  • We store e-mail addresses and e-mails from those who contact us by e-mail or web forms.
  • If you opt-in to receiving newsletters or get an order confirmation e-mail, you consent to Baymard using a third-party e-mail service (CampaignMonitor) to sending these and consent to this e-mail vendor will try to track 'e-mail opens'.
  • We store the information that you voluntarily submitted by filling in web forms, surveys, site registrations, and similar.
  • When initiating a purchase, Baymard store all submitted form field information and IP addresses (except any credit card infomation, see 'Credit Card Security' section).
  • We use PostHog to collect data on what web pages and data are accessed on our public and Premium website.
  • We use to log website errors, to ensure we can correct bugs and quirk on our website. Baymard Premium users who encounter an error will have their IP address, user name, and e-mail address stored as part of this error log. Users at the public website will only have their IP logs when they encounter a technical page error.
  • We use CloudFlare to route and screen traffic at DNS level.
  • Baymard Premium users who use the "review tool" will have all their assessments and comments stored and process in a Google Cloud Firebase database. If images are uploaded in the Review Tool, it will be securely processed and hosted by - access to images is restricted to other users on the same company account and Baymard admins.
  • All Baymard Premium user activity within the app will be tracked, including what research content is visited, when, for how long, and from what device.

Usage of Information

We use the data to: offer our products and services, authentication and validation, analyze user behavior, make product improvements, perform billing.

Information Sharing

We will never give, sell or rent your personal data to anyone unless stated otherwise in this privacy policy, or in special cases such as subpoenas, investigations and prevention of illegal behavior, or unless you request so.

If Baymard Institute is acquired or merged with another company, we will notify you to the extent possible before your information is transferred and then become subject to their privacy policies.

Data Storage

Baymard Institute uses 3rd party hosting providers and processing partners for providing the technology required to run our products and services, this include services outside Europe, for instance, Amazon AWS (server and database for Baymard Premium user profiles, public blog comments), Google Cloud Computing (server and Firebase database to store and process all Review Tool data), Stripe (to securely store credit card and account owner information for Premium customers), Campaign Monitor (newsletter and transactional e-mails), Google Analytics (web analytics and tracking), LuckyOrange (user mouse position tracking, stored for max 30 days), (technical bug tracking), if images are uploaded in the Review Tool the images will be securely processed and hosted by

All of the above services use servers located in USA and some also in Europe.

Credit Card Security

Credit Card data is handled and stored securely using 256-bit SSL encryption by payment processor Stripe, in complete compliance with VISA and MasterCard approved PCI standards for secure online payments.

Cookies and Links

When you visit our website or use our services, we store a "cookie" on your computer – a small data file that contains a string of characters – that are used for identifying you, your preferences, service access, and so on.

From our sites, we might link to external sites that are not affiliated or owned by Baymard Institute, this Privacy Policy only applies to the products and services of Baymard Institute. You should look into the privacy policy of the external sites if you want to know what applies to them.

Your 'Right to Be Forgotten'

If you have questions on any of the above, e.g. exactly what data we have stored on you or a request for deleting it all – reach out to Baymard's Data Protection Manager, Christin Holst [email protected] and we will accommodate your request upon successful verification and within reasonable lead time.

Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy might change from time to time. Such changes will appear on this Privacy Policy page.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, they can be addressed to Baymard's Data Protection Manager, Christin Holst [email protected] or to this address: Baymard Institute, Kastanie Alle 41, 3520 Farum, Denmark.