Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the products sold by Baymard Institute, through our domains such as atlanticsafeandlock.com and any pages or subdomains thereof.

Last updated: October 19, 2022.

Price & VAT

All prices are listed in US Dollars and are excl. sales tax (VAT).

VAT is only applied to EU customers that do not provide their VAT number in the "VAT Number" field during checkout. EU companies that provides a valid cross-border VAT number are charged "0% reverse charge VAT". (Danish businesses are always required to pay Danish VAT).


Payments can be made online using all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and American Express), or if your plan allows for it; using open invoice / bank transfer, Purchase Order, or paper check.

All credit card data is handled securely by Stripe using 256-bit SSL encryption, in complete compliance with VISA and MasterCard approved PCI standards for secure online payments. Baymard cannot view the direct card details at any point.

The payment will appear as "atlanticsafeandlock.com" on your credit card statement.

Baymard Premium License & Usage Terms

  • Active subscription: The full Baymard Premium research catalog, toolset, and any downloaded reports are intended only for the active users on your active account. Inactive users or inactive accounts (incl due to failed renewal) are not allowed to access or store any parts of the Baymard Premium research catalog (incl prior downloaded and printed materials or files).
  • One employee per user profile: Each Baymard Premium user profile can only be used by a single employee, and the employee has to employed by the same legal entity that pays for the Premium account (with the exception of the "Organization Plan" and the legacy plan "Large" - see section on "Multiple-Legal Entities"). For the same reason non-personal email addresses are not allowed as user credentials.
  • Only employees in the same legal entity: The license only covers creating users for full-time salaried employees within the same legal entity. The license does not cover creating accounts for, or any kind of full or partial sharing of the research findings, with anyone outside the same legal entity (this includes, but is not limited to, sharing with external partners, clients, vendors, students, external developers, external designers, etc.).
  • “Multiple Legal Entities" & "Enterprise" license: companies that are on a plan that has an "multiple legal entities" license (instead of the more common “single legal entitity license”), are allowed to use their Baymard account for employees within the entire enterprise organization. This means that a parent organization that, e.g. own multiple subsidiary e-commerce sites or brands, or has multiple country specific legal entities of the same parent brand, are allowed to use a single "Multiple Legal Entity" Premium account to create users all full-time salaried employees in any of the directly affiliated legal entities. The enterprise license only covers all direct subsidiaries of the parent company.
  • Non-work emails are not allowed because the license only allows access for employees; all user profiles have to use a work email. In other words, public mailboxes or personal email providers (like Gmail, Hotmail/Live, Yahoo, Proton, etc. are not allowed). Access for such user profiles may be blocked.
  • Unlimited Users - fair use: Baymard reserves the right to pause creation of new users and to pause any access to the acocunt, if the policy of "unlimited users within the legal entity" appear to be misused on an account or the account have unusually high activity. In such instances Baymard will reach out to the account owner to resolve and confirm that the current license agreement is being met.
  • External Contractors, limited exception: If your company is on an "Organization" plan that has access to the "External Contractors allowed" feature, then your liscense will be partially exempt to the term of "the Premium license only covers creating users for full-time employees within the same legal entity". If you are on the "Organization" plan, then up to 20 full-time contractors are allowed to get a Baymard Premium user profile on the same company account as regular full-time employees of your organization, if the contractor: a) is a contractor hired to work at least 10 hours per week, for more than one consecutive month, at the company holding the Premium account, and b) their user profile is made inactive when they no longer work as a contractor for at least 10 hours per week.
  • “Group purchase": group purchase companies, group schemes, collaborations, and any variation hereof, are not allowed in any form, and such accounts will be closed immediately without any rights to a refund. Baymard reserves full-rights to determine when an account is primarily intended to be (mis)used as a "group purchase".
  • No republication/paraphrasing/sharing etc. – in short: Baymard Premium access is for people who want to improve their own or their client’s site UX. Baymard Premium is not for people seeking inspiration for their own 'content production' or 'content marketing' efforts as none of the Baymard Premium content may be used or published elsewhere in any format, incl., articles, white papers, workshop materials, in-person presentations, webinars, etc. Limited citations of the Baymard Premium research may be granted upon request, but require written pre-approval. Write us at [email protected]. If creating UX-related content (content marketing) is the main objective, we don't recommend you purchase access as Premium cannot be used for this.
  • No republication/paraphrasing/sharing etc – the legalese version: Without first having written consent from Baymard Institute no one are allowed to publish any Baymard content, in full or partially. This includes, but is not limited to, publishing paraphrasings, superficial rewrites, heavily inspired, repackaged, or resold Baymard content, along with any form of sharing accounts outside of the licensed company. (Failure to comply on this “no sharing” aspect will mean: 1) immediate closure of all Baymard accounts without a refund, 2) possible legal prosecution of violation of copyright and/or violation of the US registered trademark “Baymard”.

Refund Policy

We offer a 14 days "no questions asked" refund policy for all Baymard Premium purchases. If you're not satisfied with the research then simply write us an e-mail at [email protected] with your invoice number and we'll transfer the full amount back to your credit card account.

When a refund is issued all license rights to use and/or store any copies (digital or physical) of the research is revoked, along with Baymard Premium access. Note that each company/customer is limited to 1 refund.

Cancellation of Premium

All Baymard Premium accounts are prepaid for 12 months from the signup date and will by default auto-renew after 12 months (charged to the latest used payment method).

Auto-renewal can be stopped at any point in time by the account owner, causing the plan to auto-expire for all users on the “renewal date” (renewal can be stopped at https://atlanticsafeandlock.com/premium/account/manage-subscription . This link requires signin to a valid account).

There are two key reasons for Premium only being billed annually:

  • Most importantly; we continually update all of the research content and release new research studies (each year we conduct around 25,000 hours of new large-scale UX testing for Premium) – however in what months during the year that those updates are released will be slightly random. Annual billing is the only way to ensure that there's an actual relationship between what Premium users are around to receive the new research and who actually "paid for it".
  • On some of the plans, several of the Premium features such as onboarding calls, private Q&A/feedback sessions, exams & certification, are only possible because we have annual billing.


When purchasing Baymard Premium you give consent to:

  • Baymard will send the "account owner" 0-3 emails per year related to account usage and billing events for the account.
  • Baymard may use the company name and/or logo of the research purchaser on Baymard's sales pages. If you don't want this you can opt out by sending an email to [email protected]

UX-Certification Usage

Individuals that achieve the "E-Commerce UX Professional" certification may use the certification seal on individual profile pages, resumes, and similar – both in digital and in print. They may also opt for an optional public profile page at atlanticsafeandlock.com/certified

Certificates are personal and may only be used on webpages that describe the certified individual (i.e. it may not be used to insinuate an entire company is certified by Baymard).

The certificate seal itself may not be altered or modified in any way beyond applying a black and white shading.

Baymard reserves the right to update and/or cancel any certification at its sole discretion (for example, but not limited to, misconduct or brand abuse, changing of certificate names, discontinuation of training service, etc). Baymard may similarly close any profile pages at atlanticsafeandlock.com.

UX-Training: Terms of Purchase

All purchases of UX Training workshops are binding and non-refundable (also in the case of attendee no-shows, for whatever cause the ticket-holder doesn't show up), however the ticket-holder may request to transfer the ticket to someone else (inside or outside of your company and only for the same day as the ticket was purchased for) by emailing Baymard at least 48 hours in advance.

In event Baymard's workshop teacher(s) are prevented from showing up, for example, due to serious illness, deaths in the near family, denied country entry, airline or transportation problems, Baymard may send a substitute speaker. If it's not possible to send a substitute speaker, Baymard may have to cancel the entire event or postpone it by 1-3 days. Only in the rare case of Baymard have to cancel the entire event, Baymard will refund the full paid UX training ticket and exam costs (but not any individual travel expenses).

Baymard reserves the rights to, at any point, change training venue or address, within the same city or to another nearby city, for example, due to (but not limited to) issues with the originally planned venue, venue closures, venue financial or quality issues, transportation or weather issues related to the originally planned venue location.

Legal Jurisdiction

Any purchase from Baymard Institute is governed by the current laws of Denmark. Any disputes or disagreements that cannot be mutually resolved shall be under the legal jurisdiction of Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Sections of the Baymard website allows for user comments, and we love the interaction and depth it brings to e.g. the articles. But to fight spam comments and highly promotional comments we reserve all rights to determine which comments submitted will be published, and reserve all rights to edit-out promotional claims or links from any given comment, without informing the commenter.

Privacy Policy

You can find Baymard Institute's privacy policy here.