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What clients and the press are saying about Baymard’s research

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Intelligent, consumer-focused insights that are clear and actionable. The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements (copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…), from the perspective of consumer struggles. Baymard’s Usability research really complements our other existing research tools.
Will Close Director of A/B Testing at Nike.com
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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing work on this audit. You should know that this has been very well received internally and there’s a lot of excitement around adopting the ideas you have shared.
Sudeep Agarwal Growth Manager at Google Shopping
Author of ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ Logo
Damn. The reports that the @Baymard folks do cost money, but they’re worth it.
Steve Krug Author of ‘Don’t Make Me Think’
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Baymard produces some of the most relevant and actionable user experience research available. They really understand the needs of UX and Product Management professionals, and their deep experience in the eCommerce field allows them to offer sophisticated, nuanced insights.
Kerry McAleer Former Director of UX Research at Sears

What Our Clients Say

Baymard’s research is used by more than 17,500+ e-commerce companies, researchers, and UX designers, from 80+ countries, and includes 71% of all Fortune 500 companies within e-commerce, including:

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Customer Testimonials

Baymard’s research is recommended by designers, e-commerce owners, and companies of all sizes:

Sears Logo
Baymard produces some of the most relevant and actionable user experience research available. They really understand the needs of UX and Product Management professionals, and their deep experience in the eCommerce field allows them to offer sophisticated, nuanced insights.
Kerry McAleer Former Director of UX Research at Sears
Office Depot Logo
Baymard has been a great resource in helping us improve the customer experience. We are continually applying these best practices to our sites.
Bryan Trogdon Director of User Experience at Office Depot
Belk Logo
I can not tell you how much help your benchmark studies have been for our company, e-commerce and UX teams. We have used and continue to use these reports for baseline benchmarks as we build test protocols or eye tracking scripts etc. in lab.
Catherine Brunson Customer Experience Strategist at Belk
Overstock Inc. Logo
Thanks again for the great work on our checkout project. Our whole group found it incredibly insightful. We’re applying the suggestions you provided to our new checkout design which launches at the end of the month! One of my colleagues was also interested in your group’s competitive expertise with regard to responsive web and native apps.
Jaime Wilson Sr. Director of Design & Development at Overstock.com
Etsy Logo
Thank you. This was an excellent piece of work: professional, thorough, and actionable for the team. We’re very happy with the work Baymard has done for us.
Alex Wright Director of Research at Etsy
T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom Logo
Thank you very much for the 7 usability audits of our country-specific sites. The audits have provided us with specific and actionable advice, allowed us to prioritize development resources, and enabled us to compare UX performance between the 7 different country-specific sites, and against State of the Art implementations. The audit itself is done really professionally, and the recommendations contain actionable and insightful information.
Mirko Sablic EU eTransformation at ​Deutsche Telekom / T-mobile
Nike Inc. Logo
Intelligent, consumer-focused insights that are clear and actionable. The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements (copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…), from the perspective of consumer struggles. Baymard’s Usability research really complements our other existing research tools.
Will Close Director of A/B Testing at Nike.com
Instacart Logo
Thank you, this was really insightful!
Andrew Wright Product Design Manager at Instacart
Shopify Logo
We’ve received some awesome feedback from our Merchant Success team as well as our merchants about all of the UX Audits we’ve had thus far with Baymard. Thank you so much to you and your team for all of your hard work. The pilot with Baymard has been going fantastic and I’m really excited with all that we’re learning! You have an amazing platform, team and super helpful data base for us to work with.
Nicole Papp Merchant Success Manager, Shopify
TaylorMade Logo
I was able to bring these designed solutions home with me and kickoff multiple optimization projects that I am confident will affect the site in a positive way, both in usability and conversion.
Nick Frame Lead UX Designer at TaylorMade
Google Logo
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing work on this audit. You should know that this has been very well received internally and there’s a lot of excitement around adopting the ideas you have shared.
Sudeep Agarwal Growth Manager at Google Shopping
On Running Logo
Very thorough and professional UX review of our website, based on an extensive amount of previous UX research insights within the industry, and specifically targeted to our needs. We received both critical and, most importantly, constructive feedback, along with actionable, prioritized suggestions and best-practice examples. This will allow us to address the areas of improvement and significantly help ameliorate the experience users have on our website, which in turn is expected to drive conversion rates and reduce the number of customer service requests. We can highly recommend Baymard's UX audit.
Julia Fink UX Researcher at On Running
Author of ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ Logo
Damn. The reports that the @Baymard folks do cost money, but they’re worth it.
Steve Krug Author of ‘Don’t Make Me Think’
Hibbett Logo
This has been fantastic: really good recommendations, really comprehensive.
Bill Quinn SVP Digital at Hibbett
B&H Photo & Electronics Corp. Logo
I can confirm that the list was fully implemented. Every time we put up a change we either A/B test or we watch it very closely to determine that it’s doing better and not the opposite. So I can confirm that these fixes have improved our checkout. Thanks for everything.
Abraham Berkowitz B&H Photo
Lenovo Logo
Excellent tool – looking forward to using it with our other sites and prototypes as they’re developed.
Leah Kaufman Senior UX Research Manager at Lenovo
Harley-Davidson Logo
We found the audits extremely helpful and validated a number of changes we have been wanting to make or are in the process of making, so thank again for all the great insights.
Colleen Kersting eCommerce Marketing at Harley-Davidson
Columbia Sportswear Logo
This was indeed very helpful guidance and a very well-documented roadmap for us to fix, validate, organize, collectively understand and continually improve our ecommerce foundation.
Cat Brunson UX Manager at Columbia Sportswear
ClickBank Logo
It is immensely valuable having a thorough, independent study to help validate my work and in particular, help facilitate buy-off from stakeholders. Baymard has quickly become one of my most trusted resources for the UX/UI field.
Jason Greene UX Design Lead at ClickBank
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I found the UX audit a very comprehensive evaluation, with clear reports and actionable recommendations. Baymard's commitment to excellence in user experience shines through its thorough approach!
Giulia Moliterno Product Designer at AB InBev
Shutterstock Logo
This UX audit has been very helpful, not just for our design and product teams, but even for the UX research team, because we can reference back to the audit, either in the design of a user research session or when we analyze findings. Thank you very much; this has been incredibly valuable.
Heather Vaughn Senior Director of User Research at Shutterstock
Jarden Consumer Solutions Logo
Thanks for everything. The audit was extremely useful, I think we have gained valuable insight.
Tara Costa Senior Manager at Jarden Consumer Solutions (FoodSaver, Breville, etc.)
DSW Logo
This was…mind-blowing. We’ve been having conversations on the side as you’ve been presenting the audit findings. There’s so much to do!
Ethan Leonow UX Designer at DSW
Hallmark Logo
These reports are fabulous. The content is exactly what our team has been looking for, and so much more! Extremely helpful, thank you!
Cary Moody Usability Researcher at Hallmark
Keurig Green Mountain Logo
I have found the M-Commerce and E-Commerce reports very useful, thank you!
Josh Shaw Web Manager at Keurig Green Mountain
Ace Hardware Logo
I’m an avid user of your reports and recommendations. I have leveraged your articles and findings throughout my career in B2B, B2C, and hospitality.
Jenny Urban User Experience Director at Ace Hardware
John Lewis Logo
The Baymard team has been a delight to work with on the JohnLewis digital platform audit. They responded to the brief very well, have been very accessible for ongoing clarification and queries and Rebecca was excellent in the recent team share, articulately presenting findings in an engaging walk-through with the wider team which will really support driving engagement and a robust response. Many thanks for all the effort and focus folks.
Greg Woods UX & UI Design and Research Manager at John Lewis
Room & Board Logo
The Baymard reports have proven to be an invaluable resource for us. Comprehensive, pragmatic and actionable. We have redesigned our checkout process and made changes to our category pages based on usability guidelines in the reports.
Jill McDonald UX Architect at Room & Board
V-ZUG Logo
Thanks for this audit and your good work. This was exactly what I was aiming for. Also thanks for the very, very professional presentation, and answering all our countless questions. Very good work.
Andreas Blank Head of E-Commerce at V-ZUG
WCR Window Cleaning Resource Logo
I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is the best thousand bucks I’ve ever spent. I wish I found you years ago.
Chris Lambrinides Partner at Window Cleaning Resource
Ōura Ring Logo
First off, thank you. This was the most engrossed I’ve ever been in a 2-hour meeting. This [audit presentation] was incredibly insightful and very helpful. Many, many thanks.
Yvonne Kim Head of E-Commerce at Ōura Ring
Best Secret Logo
We are very excited to finally proceed with the UX improvements, and I truly believe your audit report will be super helpful to put us ahead of the wave. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to share my contact.
Marian Gradl-Schikora Managing Director at Best Secret
Wrench Inc. Logo
Baymard has helped so much: UX was a brand new role at my company when I was hired. I was researching, planning, and designing UX & UI for 5 different products, all by myself. After showing real-world, bottom-line results from a UX centered approach to our products, we have expanded our UX team and greatly improved our UX-to-product process. Baymard’s research database was a critical component to my (and my company’s) success. Thank you!
Geoff Jensen Head of UX at Wrench Inc.
prAna Logo
Wanted to thank you again for the checkout audit and walking us through the process. It was super helpful and we can’t wait to apply the changes to our checkout for a better user experience.
Ramona Rejali Senior UX Designer at prAna
Nutrisystem Logo
The recommendations in our audit were awesome - well prioritized, actionable and helped us focus on what to optimize. This audit, along with the e-Commerce Reports & Benchmark Databases, are my go-to resources for thorough, insightful information. Thank you!
Erin Straub UX Design Manager at Nutrisystem
Party City Logo
This is awesome so far. Everyone wants to know what's going on – you just got everyone's attention here. Everything that you've called out is definitely eye-opening for us over here.
Arthi Karthik VP Ecommerce at Party City
Clicktale Logo
Some time ago we purchased the Ecommerce Homepage & Category report - the research and insights are extremely useful to us and help us a lot in our work!
Eliza Savov CX Research Team Lead at Clicktale
Epicenter Consulting Logo
Given the tricky science of conversion rate optimization, it is great to know that you are dealing with professionals whose advice is based on solid research. It was a pleasure collaborating with the Baymard team.
Aaron Henig Operations Manager at Epicenter Consulting, New York
RepairClinic.com Logo
Within a very short time Baymard Institute provided 15 clear, useful improvement suggestions for our checkout process. We intend to implement all of them. It’s easy to find companies that offer website improvement suggestions. But, most companies don’t do their homework and don’t provide specific examples of how best to make the improvements. With Baymard Institute, the checkout process suggestions they made were intuitive, specific, and actionable. I highly recommend their audit service.
Chris Hall President of RepairClinic.com
StickerMule.com Logo
Wow, this is great! Just reviewed it with the team. It’s a huge help and we’re excited to fix these issues.
Anthony Thomas UX responsible at StickerMule.com
Hallmark Cards, Inc. Logo
The walkthrough today was great. The report was very, very well done and loaded with great opportunities for us to improve our business. I wanted to again express my appreciation for working with us on such a condensed time frame last month. You and your team have been amazing partners to us and we very much appreciate the work, expertise and partnership.
Wendy Bonnstetter UX Director at Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Smashing Magazine Logo
This is very, very useful! Let me check what we can do to improve the usability in the Smashing Shop.
Vitaly Friedman Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine
S3 Stores Logo
We implemented “E-Commerce Checkout Usability” guide for all our stores and saw doubling of checkout conversion rates. We will soon work on implementation of other usability guidelines. Thank you Christian and Jamie for your excellent work!
Sergey Vorozhtsov CEO at S3 Stores, Inc.
Kohl’s Logo
I really like the work Baymard Institute does around usability. Their articles often get my Ecom gears turning.
Ryan Finley Site Search Professional at Kohl’s Department Stores
Carnival Cruise Lines Logo
We like what we are reviewing from the audit - great analysis and feedback.
David Polanco UX Lead at Carnival Cruise Lines
GE Healthcare Logo
I’m reviewing the report this morning and I am delighted. The recommendations are detailed and our resulting actions are clear. I’m excited to share this with the rest of the team!
Donal Phipps Digital Marketing Leader at GE Healthcare
n11.com Logo
We have worked with a number of third party companies before on various projects/audits, and I can certainly say that working with Baymard was not only a pleasure; but you delivered on time; to the level of depth we wanted; addressing important issues; and answering all our questions; and you did all this for a great price. A big THANK YOU on behalf of N11.
Efe Yaman Program Manager at n11.com
Integer Logo
My team loves Baymard Premium and it has become a valuable tool for us. We consult with a number of large brands and manage their eComm (both DTC and eRetail) and your data is amazing, it gives us all the testing data without having to run the tests ourselves. Our clients appreciate us having the depth of knowledge Baymard provides, we’ve used Baymard data multiple times to defend our recommendations and to inform our designs.
Dean Rizzuto UX Director at Integer Group
Elastic Path Logo
Baymard’s real-user research is invaluable for ecommerce marketers. It leaves no stone unturned, and with the guideline checklists provided, you’ll be well equipped to optimize your mobile presence.
Linda Bustos Director of E-commerce Research at Elastic Path
EasyAsk Logo
I have purchased the e-commerce search usability report and it’s great. We use it as a benchmark for search best practices.
John Morrell VP of Product Marketing at EasyAsk
Josh @ Digital Darts Profile Picture
The Baymard Institute have some seriously good reports on ecommerce usability, design, and best practices: http://t.co/cuxO3VwiVe
Josh @ Digital Darts @digital_darts
Worth every dollar. It’s well done, good looking and simply very useful.
Jan Jursa Curator of IATV and the MobX conference
 Blue Acorn iCi Logo
Your company produces an excellent product suite: research, training, contextual examples, and the review tool all in one. It should be core training for most roles in e-commerce focused digital agencies.
Joe Sevits VP of Digital Solutions at Blue Acorn iCi
iProspect Logo
I love the information that you guys provide and have bought a couple of reports. Love them.
Karen Kysar Site & Search Optimization Lead at iProspect
Altitude Sports Logo
Let me say that it was exceptionally well done, and we are super excited to implement every one of the recommendations there. Everything you said has usually been a case of discussion in the past, but having them recommended in a deck like this will allow us to move forward.
Louis Parizeau VP of Marketing at Altitude Sports
I am just thrilled by this study, it’s helped me in the construction of my online store checkout. All points in this study make incredible sense, and I cannot help but incorporate all of these suggestions. Incredible.
Rick Lange Owner of StudioStreet
Enter.ru Logo
My first impressions of the study - are awesome! It’s really convenient to combine reading guidelines with viewing individual elements from the benchmark database.
Nikolay Zakharov Web Analyst at Enter.ru
Zenbooth Logo
I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the time that you’ve put into this, and for a great presentation. We don’t have anyone at the company that has formal UX/UI experience, so being able to tap into Baymard’s resources/expertise is an immediate win for us. Some of the things you pointed out, we’ve already identified as areas for improvement (which was validating), but a lot of the recommendations are things that we hadn’t identified and are for the most part immediately actionable.
Mischa Szymanski Marketing Coordinator at Zenbooth
RepairClinic.com Logo
Baymard Institute reports are first-rate. I’ve successfully used several of them to make substantial and measurable improvements to ecommerce websites.
Chris Hall President of RepairClinic.com
Purch Logo
Really good rundown on all these thing. I definitely think we got a lot of value out of it, and we’re excited to get it all in and do some A/B testing on this.
Greg Dalby Director of E-Commerce at Purch
RepairClinic.com Logo
We implemented the majority of your checkout recommendations and a/b tested most of them, in every instance your recommendation provided the catalyst for us to make an improvement. Your approach and methodology has proven itself to be valuable. Now, when a new report comes out from your office we just buy it right away.
Chris Hall President of RepairClinic.com
Anodyne Logo
I’m very impressed! Not about our site’s performance, quite the opposite, but about your work. Very detailed and packed with great and tangible advice. This was exactly what I dreamt about, but sometimes you just have to be careful dreaming.
Kenneth Avnsted CEO at Anodyne
Retail Express Logo
I often refer to myself as ‘the worst type of user’ because I have adapted to standard/bad UX practices when browsing eCommerce sites. I have found Baymard Institute is an incredible resource for getting some insight into user behaviour for making websites foolproof.
Jesse Davies Design Manager at Retail Express
PLI Logo
The 3 reports I purchased before were helpful to me and my colleagues, which is why I immediately wanted to purchase the ‘E-Commerce Usability: Product Page’ study. It is also very timely as we are in the process of preparing to completely redesign our website including adding new CMS and other tools.
Christine G. Rubin Director of Website Operations at PLI
eNe Solucoes Logo
You guys help us, our clients (and our clients’ users), in delivering a better user experience through your research. I really appreciate it.
Fernando Valentini Managing Partner at eNe Solucoes
Fast Growing Trees Logo
We implemented this [1 of the 15 audit suggestions] and since then we’ve had a 20% increase in warranties added and a pretty healthy average order increase because of that. That was a great suggestion, it hit our bottom line immediately.
Justin French Director of E-commerce at Fast Growing Trees
Sears Canada Logo
A great, informative and impactful weeklong workshop with Baymard. We left with many actionable insights into how to improve overall user experience on our site. Our team now feels confident in their ability to identify and solve issues on their own.
Priya Bastianpillai Lead UX & Web Design at Sears Canada
Internet Association of Australia Logo
We recommend it, especially if you plan on re-developing your website – and you want to make sure your web company is doing something near best practice.
Richard Keeves President of Internet Association of Australia
Microchip Logo
A great presentation, and the results were very eye-opening. It’s really helpful.
Tiziana Collova e-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Microchip
Apptus Logo
We’ve been consuming the Baymard Institute reports for a while but the in-house workshop was really the thing that connected all the dots around ecommerce UX together for us. Now our entire team has a common base of understanding, a language, and clear quantified evidence of the importance of common UX guidelines and pitfalls. Reading a report is one thing but actually forcing yourself to apply findings on a real world case was the greatest takeaway from the workshop. UX is often an tricky science subject to a lot of emotional bias and gut feeling. Not so much anymore.
Jakob Bignert VP of Product at Apptus
Kingfisher PLC Logo
The Baymard E-commerce Usability reports have proven to be a valuable resource for UX teams within our organisation both at group and operating company level. The reports contain precise, actionable insights and recommendations which are backed up by extensive research and data. The severity and frequency ratings have helped our development teams to prioritise which areas to improve first. The most recent improvements we’ve recommended from the Ecommerce Search report have been extremely well received by senior stakeholders and have already been fed into the backlog.
Claire White UX Specialist for Kingfisher PLC
Bell Canada Logo
Thank you for the UX audit presentation, it was FANTASTIC. People here are quite pleased and amazed by the amount of work that was put into this.
Marc Ulrich Associate Director of Web Usability at Bell Canada
Patch.Garden Logo
Baymard’s UX for ecommerce workshop is an intense week of data-driven, applied research which will give you the tools and insight to vastly improve your ecommerce user experience and sales performance. Having attended this course with the intent to make informed designs and decisions when revising the core areas of our website this year, my confidence has increased threefold. Christian demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject areas covered and great expertise while conducting this training which allowed for personalised guidance towards real world projects which is invaluable.
Tyler Hildebrandt Lead Developer at Patch.Garden
PriceSpy Logo
I just wanted to reach out to you personally and commend you for hosting a terrific course. It’s quite seldom I find myself learning quite as much and gaining so many new perspectives in such a short period of time. So please keep up the good work and keep on inspiring other fellow UX practitioners!
Victoria Rönning UX Designer at PriceSpy
Capital One Logo
I wanted to begin by saying how incredibly impressed I have been with the degree/depth of content shared on UX/UI best practices for eCommerce experiences. This has by far been one of the most valuable workshops I have ever attended in my professional career.
Geoffrey Laux Digital Product Owner at Capital One
The training was worth every penny and kudos to Christian and Lauryn for doing such a great job. My mind was definitely blown.
Jim Rampton UX Architect at MRM McCANN
Dekode Logo
Truly a great learning experience about almost every aspect of eCommerce and the steps you need to take to improve the shopping experience for your users. Everyone working with eCommerce should attend this course. Absolutely worth the investment!
Axel Giæver Senior UX Designer at Dekode
Deloitte Digital Logo
Baymard’s training provides the proper language and sound evidence to understand what it means to create a truly usable interface in the ecommerce business.
Semion Lapin UX Designer at Deloitte Digital
Solutionists Logo
This is without a doubt the most important eCommerce training I’ve ever done. Knowing the right approach for converting the average user puts us massively ahead of the competition.
James Gilbert CEO at Solutionists
Binary Minds Logo
The workshop with Christian provides a great overview of the research Baymard has done in the past years. It pulls it all together perfectly and increases the value of Baymard Pro by magnitudes. If you are considering Pro and you want to come up to speed in no time, book the workshop along with it.
Robert Knoerk CEO at Binary Minds
Lamps Plus Logo
Among the best experiences I’ve had in any training or conference. The attitude was one of helping us improve our sites and not just making a profit. As attendees we were treated very well and given top notch information to work with. Both Christian and Lauryn were very accessible and helpful.
Ellen Goldberg Optimization and Analytics Manager at Lamps Plus
Alo Yoga Logo
At the beginning you may think that the course is a bit pricey. But on the first day you realize how underestimated it is. The value you get every single day is huge. And if you implement even 1% of that information - you’ll cover the cost of the course multiple times. This is the only UX ecommerce course you need.
Stan N. Designer at Alo Yoga
InsureMyTrip Logo
If you’re a UX designer and you’re looking for a boost in your professional career, this course is like rocket fuel. Not only was each day packed with years of usability insight but it was presented in the most easy to consume manner. I’m humbled by the UX wisdom at the Baymard and extremely grateful to have been a part of this workshop.
Eric Alves UX Designer at InsureMyTrip
Branding Brand Logo
Baymard’s UX training week was invaluable. Christian presented the company’s vast research in an organized and digestible format that encouraged actionable takeaways. I can’t wait to share these learnings with my colleagues!
Nikki Orsborn VP of Creative at Branding Brand
Bed Bath & Beyond Logo
Absolutely superb training! I’m genuinely impressed with how much I learned in 5 days. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn how to create state of art e-commerce user experiences.
Duygu Kalaycioglu Senior UX Designer at Bed Bath & Beyond
RevZilla Logo
Baymard’s workshop was engaging, informative, well paced and full of all kinds of applicable UX nuggets. I left the workshop with a list of actionable insights to share with my product team. 10 out of 10 would recommend and sign up for again!
Alexander Schechter Associate Product Designer at RevZilla
AmericanEagle Logo
The UX training course with Baymard is something I wish I had the opportunity to do many years ago. It is a subject matter that everyone who touches any process of website development should know first-hand. Christian did an excellent job at explaining the many guidelines and made it easy to take-in a large amount of comprehensive information without feeling overwhelmed.
Paul Ross A/B Testing Manager at AmericanEagle
Boxed Logo
Here at Boxed we’re a small team who are BIG fans of your research. Your services have been immensely helpful to us as a small UX/UI team, and we are so excited to have a new version of our own product page going into development later this month.
Jillian Crudo Product Design Manager at Boxed
SiteOne Landscape Supply Logo
Baymard recently did a UX audit of our new e-commerce Website. We were very pleased with the results. The report and live review of the findings validated our approach to user experience, and also, we learned a lot about best practices for e-commerce UX. We believe Baymard’s work will help us increase revenue and user satisfaction.
Colleen Romero Digital Marketing Director at SiteOne Landscape Supply
Avast Logo
We have recently tested some of your recommendations for the Avast checkout and got some great wins!
Tomas Janu E-Commerce Director at Avast
Ace Hardware Logo
A big thanks to you and the Baymard team for such an informative and valuable session. The Ace Hardware team truly appreciated the Baymard teams feedback, diligence and the overall presentation. We are looking forward to using the excellent information provided to improve the acehardware.com user journey.
Lexy Cascone Marketing Manager UX/UI at Ace Hardware
I wanted to pass on some praise to the Baymard team. I’m doing some desk research at the moment into best practices for navigation, search and filtering, and I’ve been using a lot of Baymard reports. Even though we’re not in the e-comm business, the insights you provide have been invaluable and inspirational to my project. It’s really really great work. I’ve previously grazed the content before out of interest, but now that I’m actually putting it into practice, I’m really feeling the value of this work. Thanks for making it available so that the whole community can benefit.
Barry Prendergast Senior Product Designer
Binary Minds Logo
Christian Holst and his team have done it again. Rock-solid research backed up by numbers that can’t be argued with. We’ve been using Baymard’s research for many years now and consistently find value in it in the form of highly applicable guidelines. The cost of the annual subscription has paid for itself many times over. Thank you for that, Christian.
Robert Knoerk CEO at Binary Minds
Bosch Thermotechnology Logo
Thank you very much for your time and the presentation. It was super useful, comprehensive and most importantly very concrete, so that we know exactly what to do next. We will definitely recommend you to other divisions within Bosch.
Dominik Weber Digital Marketing Manager at Bosch Thermotechnology
Joybird Logo
[Wanted to] say thanks, because we had a meeting yesterday everyone’s really excited about this. It’s really got everyone motivated and interested in what we’re going to tackle next so it’s been really invaluable, I think.
Phil Losty QA Manager at Joybird
 Blue Acorn iCi Logo
Your company produces an excellent product suite: research, training, contextual examples, and the review tool all in one. It should be core training for most roles in e-commerce focused digital agencies.
Joe Sevits VP of Digital Solutions at Blue Acorn iCi

Research Cited By

Baymard’s research is frequently cited by the press, in business white papers, and industry publications, including:

Fast Company Logo
Research from the Baymard Institute calculated the overall cart abandonment rate at nearly 70%, and that between the U.S. and European Union’s combined e-commerce volume, $260 billion worth of lost purchases could’ve been recovered through better checkout flow and design.
Fast Company November 26, 2021
The Wall Street Journal Logo
Unexpected extra costs at checkout – sales tax, shipping fees – are responsible for 33% of abandonents, Mr. Holst’s firm has found. Another 23% are abandoned when shoppers are forced to create an account…
The Wall Street Journal January 12, 2015
Entrepreneur Logo
Trust is a bigger issue than many think: In a survey of 1,044 participants conducted by Baymard Institute, 18 percent of users cited not trusting a website with their credit cards or payment information as their reason for not completing a purchase there.
Entrepreneur November 23, 2016
Forbes Logo
Did you know you’re losing as much as two-thirds of your revenue right now? According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 68.63% based on the analysis of 33 studies containing data on Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment.
Forbes August 3, 2016
Inc Logo
According to the Baymard Institute report, the biggest reason people abandon their shopping carts is because the extra costs, like shipping and taxes, are too high. Additionally, a significant number of people abandon their carts because they can’t see or calculate the total cost of their order up front…
Inc June 19, 2017
Bloomberg Logo
A recent e-commerce search usability benchmark study by the Baymard Institute [1] showed that 54% of the top 50 U.S. e-commerce sites did not support “thematic searches” (searches around themes or concepts) and 50% did not support “relational searches” (searches using terms that are related to the items).
Bloomberg October 15, 2014
Business Insider Logo
Roughly half of the top 100 U.S. e-commerce sites ask shoppers to resubmit information they’ve already shared with the retailer before they check out, according to the Baymard Institute, which specializes in user experience research.
Business Insider May 12, 2014
Entrepreneur Logo
Trust logos reassure people that they are safe doing business with you. Studies show that people trust most the logos associated with anti-virus protection https://atlanticsafeandlock.com/blog/site-seal-trust. That means Norton and McAfee. But Better Business Bureau (BBB), TRUSTe and Verisign also register fairly high.
Entrepreneur June 27, 2016
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A recent study by the Baymard Institute [1] finds out that more than 60% of ecommerce site visitors will abandon their shopping cart. The study also identifies seven reasons for abandonment out of the commerce process [2]. Most of those reasons come down to poor usability within the commerce experience.
Oracle September 1, 2013
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The Baymard Institute found that the average cart abandonment rate is about 65 percent. Luckily, there are a number of options you can test to bring this number down. These options include estimating shipping costs at an earlier point in the buying process, allowing guest checkouts, […]
Forbes January 31, 2013
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Consider this advice on readability and line length from the Baymard Institute: You should have around 60 characters per line if you want a good reading experience. Having the right amount of characters on each line is key to the readability of your text […]
Google June 25, 2014
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Keep it simple. Ask for only the information you need to fulfill the order. Never ask for the same information twice. In a 2013 cart-abandonment study, the Baymard Institute found that a too-complicated checkout was linked to an 18% dropoff in conversions.
PayPal May 1, 2014
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Sears was ranked 8th out of 100 big e-commerce players by Web-research group Baymard Institute for the quality of its online-shopping “checkout experience,” ahead of such marketing heavyweights as Victoria’s Secret, Target (TGT) and Gap (GPS).
Yahoo Finance August 23, 2013
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A recent report by Web-research group Baymard Institute ranked Sears eighth out of 100 big e-commerce sites for the quality of its online-shopping “checkout experience.” For 2012, the company was the number three mass-merchant retailer behind Amazon and Wal-Mart and the number eight overall retailer.
The Motley Fool October 7, 2013
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In the online retail space, abandonment rates of shopping carts hover around 65 percent, according to an analysis by Baymard Institute of 14 recent studies.
Reuters June 7, 2012
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Indeed, the Baymard Institute states that 67.89 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned across the web. And that is a large number, especially when ecommerce sites only means of revenue is people purchasing products from their storefront.
Entrepreneur October 13, 2014
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More than 65 percent of online shoppers abandon purchases before checkout, according to this list compiled by Web researcher Baymard Institute.
Bloomberg September 17, 2012
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In a study on checkout usability, it was found that visual cues of security like the Norton Secured Seal help customers feel more confident in providing their credit card information online. The study found that positioning also mattered where seals placed next to credit card form fields on a payment page provided an uplift in the perceived level of security by customers.
Symantec November 26, 2012
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The Baymard Institute does an unusual annual study related to customer checkout experience. They take users and watch them go through the checkout processes of 15 different popular e-commerce sites. What they discover from this is general principles around usability-related issues due to poor checkout design and how that increases customer abandon rates. Their findings are massive but touching on a few high level items might help get you pointed in the right direction.
Parallels August 21, 2013
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Cart abandonment causes online retailers a great deal of pain. How much pain? According to Baymard Institute, a web research company in Denmark, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Think about that. For every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave without purchasing. How much would your revenues increase if you were capturing those sales instead of losing them?
Shopify August 6, 2013